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GM: You arrive in the bedroom. The lady is no longer here, but she must leaved in a hurry because she didn't take any cloth.
Player1: We only have to buy a trained dog, and then we follow her track !

...Few minutes later...

GM: You make the dog sniff a piece of cloth, he sniff the ground, and he finds a fresh track, he runs hotfoot.
Me: We follow him.
GM: Despite your efforts, you are being outdistanced by the animal.
Me: What do we do now ??!
Player1: We can buy another dog, which will follow the track of the first one ?!
Player2: And why don't we buy a hundred of them, and ask to people if they haven't seen a doggy farandole !

D&D - FactMan
#37 Run...


Our team is in a hostel, and at that time, a group of 4 dwarfs comes in and looks for a fight. Obviously, it's a carnage and soon there is only one dwarf remaining.

Then our troll attacks him and cuts his legs off. The dwarfs keeps on fighting despite his wound. Right after the troll exclaims: "What a dumb ass! If someone cut my legs off, instead of fighting, I would run !"

D&D - FactMan
#36 Not afraid!


Me: I throw two knives at the werewolf!
GM: Ok, throw the dice for your two actions.
Me : Oops! 4, 3, 2, 3, 2 and 3.
GM: Your two knives miserably miss their aim, and get stuck on the wall, few meters from the werewolf.
Me: I watching him with a threatening look and I say: "Be careful, next time, I aim you!"

D&D - FactMan


During my early years as an Tiflin thief, I tried many ways to get my way, some worked surprisingly well, some far less... The one I will tell you, is from the second category.
My memory is getting blurry about the subject of the mission and about my old fellows, but what I remember, is that we needed to fight the evil dungeon master. As always, I was looking for a solution to create an element of surprise for us to have an advantage.

Because I was as cupid as a dwarf (maybe more), I picked up everything I could so I had on my back, an inventory so big that some merchants was jealous. Unfortunately, I picked up wtoo many guards clothes that I entered in the room after loosing my balance and felt nose to nose with the master.

I tried to make him believe that I was the launderer because I didn't know what else I could say, but like you probably guessed, I didn't believe me. Within a momentum of bravery, I gave him a dagger stroke right in his face... At least I tried! The amount of clothes I had on my back was to heavy, during the rest of the fight, I tried to escape from the clothes stack below which I put myself when I tried to attack the master... Here is how I could have died if my fellows were not here, now everywhere I go, people keep calling me the launderer thief... Shame on me.

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